Luna Nova Table light

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The unique Luna Nova table lamp is difficult to beat in terms of aesthetics and style barely. The... more
Product information "Luna Nova Table light"
The unique Luna Nova table lamp is difficult to beat in terms of aesthetics and style barely. The charming design results from an interesting and elegant material mix. The structure of oiled black oak and the lampshade which consists of black - green iridescent rooster feathers surrounded the Luna Nova by a touch of mystery and magic. It seems as if the delicate feathers are blowing in the wind. The lamp obtained by the special arrangement of selected springs a bodily effect. The designs of Heike Buchfelder are well known for high quality and value and enjoy a huge internationally demand. A precious lamp of handmade. Please note that this is a natural product and therefore it could come to color variations.
Designer: Heike Buchfelder
Country of Origin: Germany
Delivery scope: excl. bulb
Color structure: black
Material: feathers
Material Shade: feathers
Protection class: IP20
GLN: 4052467545842
Type Table lamps: Ambient light
Lighting fixture type: Ambient light
Adjustable: No
Switch: On/Off switch
Light Emission: uniform
Dimmable: Yes
Illuminant: E14 1x28W
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): Ø46cm x 75cm
Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): Ø18.11'' x 29.53''
Description (uses Short description by default): 0
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