Comeback of the VL38

New life for the VL38 Table light

The VL38 lamp was designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen at the end of the 1930s for the Danish radio building in Copenhagen. Almost 80 years later, Louis Poulsen presents a new edition of the original lighting series, adds a new color and supplies it with modern LED technology.

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30 Jahre Tolomeo

30th anniversary for Tolomeo!

The great Italian industrial designer Michele de Lucchi has been inspired by fishermen to create a sophisticated lighting known today as Tolomeo. It is hard to believe that the ever so modern design is already three decades old! Artemide’s present for this anniversary is a new special edition of the celebrated light, in radiant gold.

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good light at your desk

Making homework easier with proper illumination at the desk

The holidays are coming to an end, and soon the school starts again! Now is the best time to prepare our school desk for the new school year. Most important piece of equipment: the desk light, because even the brightest minds need good light to work. We explain what features the lamp should have and introduce the best models!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

The days are getting shorter, leaves are falling and soon it's time for Christmas! To prepare your home with lovely lighting for the Season, we provide some useful tips.

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Trend Nature: Lights of Copper, Wood and Glass

Inspired by Nature: Lovely Lights made of Copper and Wood

The return to natural materials and shapes is one of the major trends these days. The new adventurous ideas of the designers are developed completely new techniques for processing natural materials.

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PH FLoor Light Copper

Limited Edition of the PH 3½ / 2½ Floor Lamp

The PH series by Poul Henningsen celebrates its 90th birthday! The Danish manufacturer Louis Poulsen offers another of their iconic lamps in a chic copper look. The PH 3½ / 2½ floor lamp with exchangeable lampshades and Poul-Henningsen-engraving.

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Scandinavian Living

Nordic by Nature

Light rooms, clear lines - that's how Scandinavians furnish their interior. They have created a style of its own kind, a witty combination of open and cozy, of white and colourful, that makes you want to move in straight away. Or even better: have the same look at home! Scandinavian Living: we show what it's all about, .

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Louis Poulsen news 2016

News from Louis Poulsen

The Patera pendant light and the Cirque suspension light: brand new from Louis Poulsen's manufactory, they are already nominated as "Lamp of the year 2016". We are introducing these beautiful lights from Denmark.

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German Design Award 2017

Design Award for Formagenda

Congratulations Formagenda for the nomination for the German Design Award 2017! Their table lamp Chaplin and pendant lamp Pearls were shortlisted for the prize, awarded at the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt. The German manufacturer is presenting an elaborate design that convinces with innovation, vitality and creativity.

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light+building 2016 Frankfurt

The light and building 2016

In Frankfurt/Main there was all about light between the 13th-18th March. With the world's leading trade fair for lighting and intelligent buildings, the Light and Building inspires its numerous visitors in the Hessian metropolis. So it is appropriated that at the same time took place a very special festival of lighting culture with the Luminale in the Main metropolis.

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room+style 2016 Dresden

The room + style 2016

The room + style place trade fair was set for the sixth time in Dresden. From 8 to 10 January 2016 over 11,000 visitors could marvel at the new concept: It was a complete success. The generous space and the experimental character of the leading exhibitions in the field of living and design were well received among visitors.

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Arc Lamps - Size and delicate lightness

Among the many variants of floor lamps, the arc lamp or arc light stands out in particular. Its tall slender structure is bent as an ejected pivot. There is a lampshade which donates both direct light downward and pleasant diffused light for the environment. Despite its imposing size arc lamps emit always elegance and lightness. As a classy eye-catcher these light enriche especially the living room and dining room, where they give warm and cozy light for reading and eating.

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Crystal luster and crystal pendants in the LightingDeluxe design lamp online shop

The Variety of Design for Modern Crystal Chandeliers

Especially crystal chandeliers not only provide excellent lighting to see, but also a wonderful lighting to look at. Thanks to a variety of refractions and reflections, chandeliers with crystal pendants create an enchanted light ambience and enrich any interior like a shining jewel.

Also modern interpretations of the classic role model move with their atmospheric lighting effects everyone's attention. In our current Light Journal, we would like to present a small selection of wonderful crystal chandeliers and crystal pendant lights.

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Gubi Grashopper Floor Lamp

Innovative floor lamps provide the best reading light

Lighting designers of all generations have developed innovative floor lamps that are specifically aimed at the needs of bookworms, giving as many thanks to fancy designs even during the day a good figure. We want to introduce you today three particularly beautiful models.

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Euroluce 2015

From April 12 to 17 more than 2,500 exhibitors presented their exclusive innovations. Milan is known to be the Mecca of international design industry throughout the year. Whether fashion or interior – the second largest city of Italy is always on the cutting edge.

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Louis Poulsen Design Light: Special Edition of the PH 3½-2½

The manufacturer Louis Poulsen celebrates the successful designer Poul Henningsen from mid-March to mid-June 2015 with the PH 3½-2½ table light copper in a limited special edition. He has already added his scratch of the PH 3½-2½ table light and other design lamps to the popular Louis Poulsen PH series in 1929. LightingDeluxe informs about the recent light offers and the features of this timeless and pragmatic table light.

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LED Lighting - Design lighting Trends

LED in Vogue - Efficient Illumination With Flexible Design

What would modern lighting design be without LED? This innovative light technology has a lead concerning energy efficiency and also provides an enormous scope of design, which both lighting manufacturers and designers can take advantage of.

LightingDeluxe gives an up-to-date overview on everything that has to do with LED: Special properties of LED illumination, recent market opportunities as well as lighting trends.

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Pendant lighting trends - LightingDeluxe

Top 5 Light Trends 2015

Modern illumination and furnishing of rooms: The range of design lighting fixtures and innovative LED lights offers therefore a variety of possibilities. The following trend show by LightingDeluxe shows this year's highlights for interior design and living.

In 2015 the lighting manufacturer and designer take equally classic and modern into range. Among the 5 trends around illumination there is no lack for modern lighting technique and extravagant design.

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Modoluce Atollo Lighting furniture - Lighting Deluxe

Light Furniture: Current Trend For Interior Design

Modern LED lighting does not only impress with energy efficiency but also provides many new ideas for individual furnishing, thanks to the continuously growing offer of lighting fixtures. Among the current home and furnishing trends, light furniture becomes increasingly important.  How can lighting and furniture be combined thanks to LED?

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International Year of Light

2015 is the International Year of Light

Light as elementary part of life: With the, by the UNESCO proclaimed "International Year of Light" light becomes a central issue in 2015 for which special events, lectures or exhibitions and cultural events are arranged worldwide.

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Masiero Drylight Chandelier

Masiero Drylight collection: innovative outdoor lights

This year, the Italian lighting manufacturer Masiero introduced the new Drylight collection for outdoor lighting fixtures. Various Drylight lightings by Masiero bring Venetian atmosphere into the outdoor area and meet high quality standards. For the processing, Masiero uses its patented DRYLIGHT® technology whereby the outdoorlights are provided with characteristics such as water resistance and resistance to meteorological effects.

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Eunique 2014 With Interesting Lighting Trends

From May 16 to 18, 2014, the fairgrounds in Karlsruhe turn into a mecca for lovers of design. In the context of the already for 6th times organized EUNIQUE, an International Fair for Applied Arts and Design, more than 350 exhibitors will be present with interesting design and art objects. Also innovative lighting for modern interior design can be visited at the Eunique 2014.

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Helestra Atara medium - Pendant light

Helestra Lights: Top Design and Features

High quality standards for materials and processing as well as a minimalist and timelessly elegant design are the characteristics of Helestra lights. On this basis, Helestra as a German lighting manufacturer does not need to hide behind other branches, within the field of lighting design. Whether an exceptional functional and equally decorative indoor light or an optimal outdoor lighting is required: Helestra can be recommended for both fields.

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PH Leuchte 3½-3 Pendant light - Special edition

Louis Poulsen: New PH lamp as a special edition

This year, the renowned lighting- and product designer Poul Henningsen (PH) would have its 120th birthday. For this special occasion the lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen holds ready a special edition of PH 3 ½ -3. This model was one of the first lightings of the PH series and belonged to the most the successful designs by Poul Henningsen in the 1920s. The current special edition of the PH lamp 3 ½ -3 was made after original drawings of the designer.

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Vertigo 48 - Penta Design light

Top 5: Extraordinary Chandeliers At LightingDeluxe

Modern chandeliers are light source and design object at the same time. With the also called chandeliers, pendant can implement completely different room concepts with the help of innovative design ideas and special materials, by now. LightingDeluxe carries a wide range of chandeliers at the online shop. In this journal we would like to provide more interesting suggestions for chandeliers with unusual appearance.

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Kelly Dome Lamp by Studio Italia Design

Create Ambience With Studio Italia Design Lights

The name Studio Italia Design stands for creativity and ambience, because these attributes are especially characteristic for the lights of this manufacturer from Italy. Therefore Studio Italia Design relies on traditional craftsmanship, which is extended by modern lighting technology and unique design elements. The result is a diverse range of designer lamps, which are ideal for integration in individual room concepts.

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Table lamp Roxxane Neon Office with base - Nimbus Design

Nimbus: Design Lighting Fixtures With Modern LED Technology

With the use of energy-efficient LED technology combined with timeless lighting design, the manufacturer Nimbus established its reputation worldwide. Functionality and a special sense for modern design are characteristic for Nimbus lights. The Roxxane Office lighting series for instance, is especially suitable for office and commercial premises.

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Crystal chandelier - Schonbek Refrax

Chandeliers: Traditional Up To Timelessly Modern

As a lighting element, whether with traditional imposing appearance or mundane timeless design, up to today chandeliers emit a special fascination. Currently available in many different designs, modern chandeliers distinguish by extraordinary features and various precious materials. How developed this lighting design and what current pulses determine the offer for chandeliers?

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Florinda Pendant light by Modoluce

Modoluce: Italian Lighting Spell

Lighting fixtures that impress with their particular shape and color, as well as with a general ingenious design have made the manufacturer Modoluce ​​known worldwide. The Italian manufacturer belongs to the specific recommendations in lighting and design, as its creative approaches to design can be turned into a fascinating lighting spell in various residential areas.

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Tolomeo micro - Artemide Desk lamp

Better learning: good illumination at the desk

A new school year starts again in August / September in many states. Accordingly, the desk in homey children’s – teenager’s rooms finds more attention again. An important tool therefore is of course the desk lamp, which is especially essential for the upcoming gray days during the autumn and winter months.

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Modoluce Atollo D70 - Illuminated Seat

Terrace Lamps: Light For A Special Ambiance

Illumination does not only play an important part for the interior lighting. Also on the terrace an equally functional and decorative outdoor lighting gives the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors with family or friends in a special atmosphere. How can patio lights create a cozy lounge atmosphere in addition to their primary illumination function?

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Helestra Antea - Pendant light for the dining room

Trend For Indoor Lighting: Helestra Relies On LED

For indoor lighting, modern light sources such as LED become more and more important. That is why manufacturers like Helestra particularly rely on LED lights that offer both an increase in energy efficiency and new possibilities for the design. Thus, design lamps made by Helestra are not only a source of illumination, but become an individual residential property with equally decorative and functional alignment.

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Marset Scantling Table lamp - Designer Light

Inventive Table Lights By Marset

The Spanish manufacturer Marset delights with lights for interior- and exterior area equally with creative designs. Particular originality is shown by Marset for instance for decorative table lights. Whether functional desk lamp, collector's item or table lamps with a modern design or exceptional optics: For all Marset luminaires the light and its various nuances are put in the foreground, to ultimately provide quality and also atmospheric lighting.

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Vega Swarovski crystal Recessed light

Magic of Light: Crystal Lights by Swarovski

Lighting fixtures by Swarovski, a worldwide renowned manufacturer of crystal, create an almost magical lighting atmosphere. The unique design of the lights of Swarovski is combined by the manufacturer with high quality standards and modern lighting technology. Thus, various opportunities for an individual lighting design in a home area are enabled.

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Euroluce 2013: Innovations At A Glance

Euroluce is one of the major trade fairs all about light and takes place every two years as part of the renowned Salone Internazionale del Mobile. This year the exhibition area of Euroluce comprised four pavilions and offered a deeper insight on new products from lighting manufacturers and companies involved in the field of lighting.

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Veli Lamp by Slamp

Veli by Slamp Among The Lights Of The Year 2013

Within the competition Light Of The Year, Internet users voted for their favorites among twelve participating lights, by the end of January 2013. The award Light Of The Year has already been taken place for the 10th time and this year even four prize winners have been awarded, among them also the Veli wall and ceiling lamp by Slamp that already received the Red Dot Design Award 2012.

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Masiero Olà S4 OV 100 Pendant light

Pendant Lights For Innovative Interior Design

Also in 2013, pendant lamps are among the most demanded lamp models. Contribute to this are the versatile applications possibilities on the one hand and their diverse designs on the other hand. Thanks to the establishment of new smaller and energy-saving bulbs, new scopes for design are obtained for the manufacturers of pendant lights. Thus, consumers are provided a wide range of products in a specialty store or at online shops.

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Anta Maru Pendant light

Anta: Lighting Fixtures As Design Objects

Timeless elegance and a modern design are the trademarks of the lights by Anta. The company Anta Leuchten GmbH belongs to one of the German manufacturers who established its reputation internationally. Therefore, quality is always put in the foreground by this manufacturer of various design lighting fixtures.

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Bulb Table lamp - Ingo Maurer

Lighting At The Forefront: Alternatives To Light Bulbs

EU Regulation 244/2009 in 2009 paved the way for the phase out of light bulbs and thus released the changeover to more energy-efficient illuminants. Since September 2012 the prohibition for manufacturing and distribution of standard incandescent bulbs also applies to Germany. As a result, manufacturers of illuminants and lighting fixtures are asked to adapt to the new market conditions. However, there is no lack of alternatives to conventional lighting bulbs. LightingDeluxe provides an overview of illuminants that will replace consumers the bulb profitably in the future.

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Anthologie Quartett Cellula Pendant light

To Illumination Decoratively With Anthologie Quartett

Anthologie Quartett is one of these brands whose designer lightings bear in mind as eye-catcher. The manufacturer particularly offers a wealth of stylish crystal chandeliers, as well as a wide range of decorative lights as special design objects. Anthologie Quartett was founded in 1983 in Hanover, and is concentrated on the lighting business since the 1990s.

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Luceplan Hope Floor lamp

Floor Lights For Trendsetters

Lighting design made ​​easy: Flexible lamps like floor lamps offer multiple options for the interior lighting. No matter whether you want to furnish functional or playfully romantic, the world of lamps offers accordingly interesting and decorative floor lamps. These models can also be adapted to modern interiors, as the materials, shapes and colors used by lighting designers, interpret the light in the room often anew.

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Bocci Pendant light 28.37

How To Stage Rooms With Bocci Lights

The Canadian manufacturer Bocci is well known for modern design lights made of glass. The company which is headquartered in Vancouver and has a subsidiary in Berlin, always creates a new magical atmosphere with its lighting designs. The different Bocci lights give any room a very special ambiance.

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German Lighting Design Award Winners Announced

Since 24 May the award winners of the German Lighting Design Award 2012 are certain. The best candidates in twelve different categories were awarded at a gala event in the Curio House in Hamburg. particularly cast a spell over the winners in the category light art and the jury awarded prizes to the company Peter Andres Lighting Design.

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Kolarz Paralume Ceiling Light

Kolarz Chandeliers For A Dazzling Appearance

Classicism and modernism in perfect symbiosis: This requirement is complied with many creations for the lighting design. A particular example of the splendor of bygone days and a very modern and elegant lighting are chandeliers. They light up living areas for centuries, whereby the classic chandelier has now developed to a modern work of art.

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Pleg Wall sconce

LZF Lights Honored With Design Awards

The Spanish lighting manufacturer LZF, also known as Luzifer Lamps, delights since 1994 with functional and inventive lamp models. Particularly remarkable is the recourse to materials such as wood, which has become the trademark of the lighting design of LZF. Numerous lights of the manufacturer have already been awarded from the experts with prestigious awards. Also the year 2012 promises to be successful for LZF.

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Catellani & Smith Sistema Macchina della Luce Mod. C

With Indirect Lighting To A New Living Environment

When it comes to the illumination within modern concepts of living rooms, it is always referred to the importance of the combination of direct and indirect light. Particularly indirect light contributes to the overall atmospheric lighting.

The basis for an indirect illumination is the principle of reflection. Therefore, the light is directed onto ceilings or walls and is reflected back by these surfaces into the room. This stands in contrast to direct lighting, where a diffuse light distribution is a significant contribution to the illumination of rooms.

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Crystal Rain Ceiling light, square

Special Atmosphere With Escale Lights

The standard lighting of the 21st century combines functional and decorative aspects. However, far more than standard are the individual lighting designs of the manufacturer Escale. The brand of designer lamps presents a wide range of lights, whereby the passion for lighting design is shown in every single design.

The manufacturer Escale manages to harmonize regular forms and function. Therefore, a contemporary design is as important as the various application areas for some lights. With the production in Germany, Escale always remembers its roots.

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Havana Light by Foscarini

Lighting Design For Garden And Terrace

Similar to the interior design, illumination offers some interesting options in the outdoor area in order to make more of premises, garden or terrace. With the right amount of light, even less lively exterior surface become true spaces of inspiration. The focus therefore is on the functional illumination for paths and entrances, as well as on the decorative illumination.

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Flos Fuchsia Pendant light

Living Room Light: Set Design Accents With Lighting

Lighting design in the living room is given high priority ever since. Not only for welcoming guests, but also for daily togetherness with family or even a relaxed evening, this room plays a particular important role. Comfortable atmosphere, but also functionality should not be neglected. The right choice of lighting makes a significant contribution at this point.

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CMD Aqua Cubo Wall sconce

CMD Lights: Classic Design Made Of Stainless Steel

Classic shapes and timeless elegance are the trademarks of CMD, a German brand for especially high quality lighting fixtures. The company Creativ Metall Design places great importance on the manufacturing process, whereby stainless steel is predominantly used for the processing. Besides CMD designer lighting the range of products of the manufacturer also includes postboxes, house number plaques and doorbell nameplates.

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Vistosi Giogali Chandelier

Crystal Lights: To Illuminate Classic And Modern

With the use of crystal lights for the room- and lighting design, beautiful results can be achieved. Starting from the classic chandelier to modern pendant lights, crystal glass is used by many lighting manufacturers and brands for designer lamps.

Classic and yet modern: With crystal chandeliers, perceived extremes often get together. Since crystal is a very high quality material, it must not be missing in the lighting design. In addition to renowned Italian brands such as De Majo or Catellani & Smith, also manufacturers from other countries rely on precious crystals for their designs. Lighting fixtures that are processed with this material provide a high level of elegance and create enchanting lighting effects in the room.

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Serien Lighting Reef Pendant light

Serien Lighting: Rewarded Variety Of Lights From Germany

The manufacturer Serien Lighting has dedicated itself to stylish lighting design. The creations especially delight with high-quality materials and a design which is specially adapted for purpose. The variety of lighting by Serien Lighting covers a wide range of ceiling- and wall lamps, as well as floor- and table lamps. Many of the lighting fixtures have been awarded prestigious prizes.

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Aureliano Toso: Air Wall sconce

Wall Sconces Trend Models at LightingDeluxe

The choice of illumination is an important component of interior design, as with light, atmosphere is created. Besides the illumination of rooms, lighting accents and atmospheric light become increasingly important. Therefore, wall sconces are proven to be the latest trend for an additional accentuating of illumination in a room.

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Catellani & Smith Sistema Macchina della Luce

Catellani & Smith: Modern Design for Ceiling Fixtures

The great success of the brand Catellani & Smith is beyond question. The Italian lighting manufacturer was founded by Enzo Catellani and delights for more than 25 years with impressive creations that meet the spirit of the times. Right from the first collection Catellani & Smith offers precious lighting design whereby a high-quality of processing and excellent materials are given priority.

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Lighting Trends: Light+Building 2012

Light+Building is considered the world's largest trade fair for lighting- and building engineering which will again provide a wide range all around lighting and lighting design this year. From the 15th to the 20th of April, more than 1,500 manufacturers will present their offers of lamps and lighting engineering at the trade fair in Frankfurt on Main. The visitors will await an interesting outlook on current lighting trends, as well as skillfully staged design lightings.

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LZF Link Pendant light

Wood Lights: Back To Nature

In the lighting design, the interplay of light and materials is crucial. Therefore, the use of natural materials such as wood is a current trend of modern lighting design. Looking at the collections of renowned lighting manufacturers, a number of innovative wood lamps stick out particularly. In addition to the return to nature, these designer lamps are especially characterized by warm light and organic forms.

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Terzani Tresor Wandleuchte

Extravagant Lighting Design: Set Up Golden Accents

For centuries, gold as a color shade is associated with classiness and elegance. For this reason, it also plays a role in contemporary lighting design. Italian lighting manufacturers such as Catellani & Smith, Lamp and Terzani have discovered the notable effects of golden tone in many of their creations. Those Italian lighting fixtures are a great way to set accents when decorating homes.

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Innovative Lighting Ideas At Room+Style 2012

The company LightingDeluxe will present numerous lighting ideas and an interesting range of modern design lights at the trade show 'room + style', held on January 6 to 8, 2012 at the fairground of Messe Dresden. The exhibition is already held for the third time in Dresden and offers a first class show and sale from vendors of the design and furnishing industry. Modern style, aesthetics and decorative design will play a major role.

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Sucessful Living Collection by Diesel with Foscarini

Diesel with Foscarini celebrates success with 'Successful Living Collection'

The new collection 'Successful Living' by the Diesel Creative Team experiences great success on the German market. Its innovative design stands for modern rock-pop-culture and relies on vintage- and art elements. This is supposed to inspire people to find their own individual style. Each light of this collection by Diesel with Foscarini tells its own story. The processing of rather uncommon materials, as well as experimental colors and shapes are the key to success for the “Successful Living” collection by the Lifestyle brand Diesel in cooperation with the lighting manufacturer Foscarini.

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Flos Lights: New design highlights by Philippe Starck

Flos Lights: New design highlights by Philippe Starck

The renowned French designer Philippe Starck has already created several designer lightings for the manufacturer Flos. Currently show the table light Net, the floor light Bibliotheque Nationale, as well as the Hide light a new trend in the lighting design. All of them combine functionality and beauty. Depending on their designs, the lights have also other features than the illumination itself. The design by Philippe Starck is always in great demand for product innovations in the areas of lighting and interior design.

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The Magic Of Ingo Maurer Lighting

Lighting is a quintessential part of the home décor nowadays. Traditionally a single light was found on the ceiling which illuminated the entire room, but now various types of lighting can be found to create special effects. Lights are no longer just a means to illuminate the room; they also add to the style quotient of your home. The beautification process of your home starts with the color of the walls, and continues with the furniture, wall decorations, and tapestry and finally ends with suitable lighting that accentuates these objects. Interior designers would often point out how ineffective lighting can make your room look dull and unattractive. Ingo Maurer is one of the most prominent names in the list of lighting artist and designers.

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Add Excitement to Your Home with Prandina Lighting

If home is where the heart is, lighting is its beat. In our focus on exclusive furniture and ornamentals, we have a tendency to overlook that all the shapes and colors that enclose our rooms and corridors are given that additional feel of stately air by illumination. It is the lighting which would bring out the colors by touching the wall surfaces in a pleasing way that would add to the elegant final touch to your home. Lighting may either make an atmosphere or break it. A wrong lighting may even fill your room with a haze, when it could have had a mild romantic glow. Choosing the right light for your home can be difficult, but Prandina helps you by bringing the best in stylish lighting. Prandina is one of the international brands that will breathe life into your home! Prandina lighting meets all your requirements in a variety of floor lights, ceiling lights, table lamps, wall lighting, pendant lighting, spotlights, chandeliers, and outdoor lighting, and strives to bring about models that exemplify functionality, simplicity, and quality.

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Modern Light Fixtures Are For Everybody

Lighting has evolved immensely since the time Edison created the first incandescent bulb. Back then lighting was a means to illuminate the room and eradicate darkness. Gradually the lighting industry has grown to create artworks that not only provide light but also add beauty to your home. It is surprising to see the mindboggling array of lighting accessories and modern light fixtures available today. It is also important that the customers are educated about the wide variety of lighting available and how they can be used to their benefit. Modern or contemporary lighting is no longer meant only for the professional interior designer or the wealthy businessman.

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