Ontherocks 1 FL wall sconce

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The wall sconce Ontherocks is part of the collection of Flos and was designed by Antonio... more
Product information "Ontherocks 1 FL wall sconce"
The wall sconce Ontherocks is part of the collection of Flos and was designed by Antonio Citterio. Its luminaire body is made of transparent pressed glass, its internal light filter of acrylic glas with light attracting lining. In the wall mount made of white powder coated die-cast aluminum, includes the wall mounting system and electrical parts. The dust-resistant cover is made of transparent polycarbonate.
Designer: Antonio Citterio
Country of Origin: Italy
Specialty: This product is available for a voltage of 220-240V only.
Protection class: IP20
Delivery scope: excl. bulb
Material: Acrylic, moulded polycarbonate
Adjustable: No
Material Shade: glass
Dimmable: No
Lighting fixture type: Ambient light
Light Emission: uniform
Dimensions M (WxHxD): 30,5cm x 9,5cm x 9cm
Dimensions M in inch (WxHxD): 12,01'' x 3,74'' x 3,54''
Dimensions L (WxHxD): 40,5cm x 9,5cm x 9cm
Dimensions L in inch (WxHxD): 15,94'' x 3,74'' x 3,54''
Type Wall sconce: Ambient light
Series: Wall sconce
Condition: new
GLN: 4052467151890
Base: 2G11
Energy saving: 1
Bulb kind: Fluorescent lamp
festeingebaute LEDs: 0
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