Quantum 2252 pendant light

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Color Crystals:

  • 67752
Numerous crystals seem to float around the light source in the center of the Quantum 2252... more
Product information "Quantum 2252 pendant light"

Numerous crystals seem to float around the light source in the center of the Quantum 2252 pendant light. Like sparkling shields, they decline inside view and multiply the light simultaneously in a magical glow in the room. Due to the refined arrangement of the crystals, the structure of the luminaire can hardly be seen, so that this sublime effect is achieved. The manufacturer Schonbek has used Latin to describe the luminaire. The ideal Quantum of crystals has been used to capture the light brilliantly to show its true nature. A true symbiosis of light and crystal. Schonbek offers the Quantum luminaires with crystals of different designs.

Material: clear, stainless steel
Protection class: IP20
Lighting fixture type: Ambient light, Dining table lighting, Modern chandelier, pendant light, pendant light
Light Emission: uniform
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): 14cm x 33cm x 14cm
Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): 5,5" x 13" x 5,5"
Illuminant: E14 6x40W
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