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Bon Jour table light amber with chrome finish Flos Bon Jour table light
The Bon Jour table lamp by the exceptional designer Phillippe Starck convinces by its individuality. Thanks to the interchangeable "crowns" in different noble colors, you can always redesign the Bon Jour screen and customize it to your...
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Bon Jour unplugged table light Flos Bon Jour unplugged table light
The portable Bon Jour unplugged table light by the exceptional designer Phillippe Starck convinces with its individuality and mobility. With the help of a micro USB kit, the Bon Jour is rechargeable at any time and gives you absolute...
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Costanzina table light Luceplan Costanzina D13 LED table light
The design of the Costanzina LED table lamp by Paolo Rizzatto is timeless. Without stylistic restrictions, this table lamp made by the Italian manufacturer Luceplan, is adapted to every ambience. . The lampshade made of polycarbonate is...
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 Costanza LED HUE Tischleuchte Luceplan Costanza D13 Tischleuchte LED HUE
Immer auf der Suche nach Weiterentwicklungen im Bereich von Forschung und technologischer Innovation präsentiert Luceplan seine ikonische Lampe, Costanza von Paolo Rizzatto, die jetzt mit Philips Hue ausgestattet ist. Ergänzend mit...
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IN-EI Mendori table light Artemide IN-EI Mendori table light display item
This beautiful lamp is an exhibition piece in perfect condition - 1 item available for this price The distinctive design of the Mendori table lamp was designed with the help of a 3D geometry program. The Japanese designer Issey Miayake...
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Rina LT16 table light Vistosi Rina LT 16 Table Light
Inspired by a dandelion whose seeds flying in the sky, the famous designer Barbara Maggiolo created the charming RINA collection. In most elaborate handmade the Rina LT Table lamp is made of Murrane glass, which makes each lamp unique....
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Pipistrello table light Martinelli Luce Pipistrello Table Light
The Pipistrello table lamp is a true design icon, emerged in the 60s and today a real feast for the eyes with indestructible character. A large knob combines the charming diffuser from pressed white opal methacryla with the telescopic...
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Fiorellina Table light Slamp Fiorellina Table light
The small blossoms in a three-dimensional structure form the characteristic shape of the Fiorellina table lamp. It is a small floral tribute that never fades and draws all attention to it. The Fiorellina table lamp is produced by Slamp.
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Romeo small Table Light nickel / pleated fabric Modoluce Romeo small Table Light nickel / pleated fabric
The archetypal cylindrical shape of the comical table lamp "Romeo" by Modoluce confident in conjunction with the durable materials cotton (lampshade) and metal (structure) as timelessly modern Illuminations artifact - created by the...
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LZF I-Club Table Light LZF I-Club Table Light BEECH Display Item
Display item - 1 Light at this price available The Club family is composed of pendant lamps, table, floor lamps and wall models, for direct and indirect lighting. The elegant and compact design will be equipped with the t-5 technology to...
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Kelvin LED desk lamp Flos Kelvin LED Desk Light
The linear design of the Kelvin LED Desk Lamp is combined with current LED technology and was designed by Antonio Citterio for the Italian manufacturer Flos. The warm white light (2700K) and the 2-stage circuit with a touch function on...
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Anisha table lamp white Foscarini Anisha table lamp
The Anisha table lamp by Foscarini combines an elegant and clean design in an incredible way. It is a sculptural eye-catcher that blends into a modern interior with ease, where the lamp emits its light by simply touching it with a...
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Mercer table light Marset Mercer table light
This Mercer table light is available in three different sizes and four color combinations, which leaves room for your own creativity in terms of decoration. Borrás and Gaspar developed the design for the Spanish manufacturer of Marset in...
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Lucciola LT 30 P Table light Vistosi Lucciola LT 30 P Table light
The Lucciola LT 30 P is a dimmable table light produced by the Italian manufacturer Vistosi. Its shade is oval and is made of high quality and satined mouth-blown glass. The nickel structure completes this light harmonically. With this...
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