Tab F LED Floor Lamp

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An extravagant designs with effective functions offers you the TAB F floor lamp / directional... more
Product information "Tab F LED Floor Lamp"
An extravagant designs with effective functions offers you the TAB F floor lamp / directional lamp made ​​by the Italian manufacturer Flos. The TAB F is a floor lamp with direct light and adjustable head. The body is made of painted, die-cast aluminum. The diffuser with Multi-LED is made of special PMMA, to avoid the multi-shadow effects and glare. The head piece is rotated by ± 45 °. The extraordinary design comes from the creative minds and masters of their craft, E. Barber & J. Osgerby. “The Tab lamp is a simple folded form, creating a visually pure shade that translates into a desk, and floor lamp.” E. Barber & J. Osgerby
Designer: Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
Country of Origin: Italy
Material: PMMA, Aluminum die casting
Material Shade: PMMA/PC
Specialty: This product is available for a voltage of 220-240V only.
Delivery scope: incl. bulb (only if 230V)
Description (uses Short description by default): 0
Design: 2011
Lighting fixture type: Ambient light, Floor lamp
Light Emission: direct
Adjustable: Yes
Protection class: IP20
Dimmable: No
Light Color: 3000K
Lumen: 612lm
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): Ø 240mm
Illuminant: LED 1x9W
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