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54184 Pendelleuchte B+M Leuchten 54184 Pendelleuchte Display Item
Display Item in perfect condition - 1 item available at this price The pendulum light has two weights which, by pressing simultaneously, makes the 54184 pendant light height-adjustable. It was produced by the German manufacturer B + M...
€458.00 * UVP: €1,145.00 *
Inventory Sale 20%
B+M Mondial 4er Pendant light B+M Leuchten Mondial 4er Pendant light open box
Outflow model in perfect condition- 1 item available at this price The noble pendulum lamp is made of solid brass and consists of 4 subtle lampshades. The lampshades consist of special glass in amber gloss. The lamp haves a very high...
€575.00 * UVP: €959.00 *