Belcour 45° outdoor wall lamp

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Contemporary, vintage with a touch a vintage is the Belcour 45° outdoor wall lamp, which shines... more
Product information "Belcour 45° outdoor wall lamp"

Contemporary, vintage with a touch a vintage is the Belcour 45° outdoor wall lamp, which shines her light, with a little distance from the wall bright at a 45° angle on the area in front of her and is ideal for walls adorned by vines or other ornaments to get the necessary distance.

Only in the copper and zinc variant is the lampshade directly above the glass in the selected color is. For all other colors, the entire lamp is in this color and only the lampshade directly above the glass from below white matte.

Designer: Stéphane Joyeux
Country of Origin: France
Delivery scope: excl. bulb
Material: aluminium, glass
Adjustable: No
Light Emission: mainly direct
Lighting fixture type: wall light
Protection class: IP44
Dimmable: Yes
Illuminant: Generate Meta Tags
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): 32cm x 29,5cm x 42,1cm
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