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Keops wall light Orion Keops Wall Light
Inventory Sale - only two pieces in stock! The Keops wall light plays in its design with the square as a shape element. From the square base plate rises the small swiveling lamp head, which is enclosed by a refined glass body. The shade...
€35.00 * UVP: €50.00 *
Inventory Sale 20%
Carla wall sconce Orion Carla Wall Sconce discontinued item
Discontinued item - only one left in stock The Carla wall lamp charms by its intricate design. The two luminaire heads are interwoven and give soft light into the room. The interwoven element also reappears in the glass shades: the...
€76.00 * UVP: €95.00 *
Inventory Sale 20%
Orion WA 2-1213 Wandleuchte Chrom Orion WA 2-1213 Wandleuchte Auslaufmodell
Es handelt sich bei den beiden Leuchten um Auslaufmodelle der Firma Orion. Beide Leuchten sind Originalverpackt und sofort verfügbar.
€89.00 * UVP: €119.00 *
Inventory Sale 20%
Orion Wood Floorlamp Orion Orion Floor Lamp Stl 12K Display Item
Display Item in perfect condition - 1 Light in stock ORION Leuchten is an Austrian family company in the third generation and stands for innovative design, longevity and Austrian craftsmanship. The Stele 12l in the typical country style...
€264.00 * UVP: €529.00 *