Adan POT Basic frosted

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The renowned designer Teresa Sapey created with this Planters more than a storage container for... more
Product information "Adan POT Basic frosted"
The renowned designer Teresa Sapey created with this Planters more than a storage container for branches and flowers, "Adan" (Spanish for "Adam".) - The first man comes in an expressionist garment made of thermoplastic material associated and can be used for industrial design, luxury homes, use of shops, restaurants, hotels and other indoor and outdoor arrangements. Freedom of thought forms the basic idea of the sculpture, which the Spanish manufacturer VONDOM knew genuinely implement.
Designer: Teresa Sapey
Country of Origin: Spain
Material: Polyethylen
Type Table lamps: Ambient light
Security: IP20
Illuminant: unbeleuchtet
Light Emission: uniform
Dimensions S (WxHxD): 30cm x 41cm x 42cm
Dimensions M (WxHxD): 49cm x 68cm x 70cm
Dimensions L (WxHxD): 70cm x 96cm x 100cm
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