Poppy 3 Arm Ceiling-/Wall light

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3 flexible arms of fabric-coated metal emerge from a canopy of polished stainless steel. The... more
Product information "Poppy 3 Arm Ceiling-/Wall light"
3 flexible arms of fabric-coated metal emerge from a canopy of polished stainless steel. The arms are decorated with a blossom of mouth-blown glass. Bi-metal at the end of the flower achieves that the blossoms open themselves when the light is switched on. The resulting light effects are enchanting. This stunning lamp Poppy 3 Ceiling Decken-/Wandleuchte is made in the design of Ulrich Beckert, Georg-Soanca Pollack and Peter hammer Manufacturer Lighting series and is available in different colors.
Designer: Ulrich Beckert, Georg Soanca-Pollack, Peter Thammer
Country of Origin: Germany
Material Shade: glass
Material: Aluminium mit textiler Ummantelung in Schwarz oder Beige
Adjustable: Yes
Protection class: IP20
Series: Ceiling light, Pendant, Wall sconce
Lighting fixture type: Ambient light, Direct lighting
Delivery scope: incl. bulb (only if 230V)
Type Ceiling light: Direct lighting, Ambient light
Description (uses Short description by default): 0
Type Wall sconce: Effect lighting, Ambient light, Direct lighting
Base: G4
Light Emission: mainly direct
Dimmable: No
Wattage: 35W
Energy saving: 0
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): 75cm
Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): 29,53"
Illuminant: G4 3x35W 12V
Product ID: 32173, 32155, 32157, 32158, 32159, 32160, 51281
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