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Veli Aurea wall/ ceiling light, medium Slamp Veli Aurea wall/ ceiling light
€374.00 * From €356.00 *
- 50 %
Box LED quadratisch Deckenleuchte, small, dunkelgrau Linea Light Box LED square ceiling light
€142.00 * €71.00 *
- 40 %
Lumi F07 G09 White Decken-/Wandleuchte Fabbian Lumi F07 G09 White Wall/Ceiling Light
€142.00 * €85.00 *
- 50 %
Wand-/Deckenleuchte Stone Aureliano Toso Stone wall/ ceiling lamp
€291.00 * €145.00 *
Collide H5 Wand/ Deckenleuchte, weiß, xlarge Rotaliana Collide H wall and ceiling light
€449.00 * From €404.00 *
- 50 %
Loto Decken-/Wandleuchte, blattgold Marchetti Loto Wall/ Ceiling Light- Inventory Sale
€410.00 * From €205.00 *
- 30 %
Ukiyo PL OP/OG in black and white Axo Light Ukiyo PL OP/OG ceiling light/ wall lamp
€492.00 * €344.00 *
- 36 %
Notredame Wand-/Deckenleuchte, gold Karman Notredame Wall-/Ceilinglight
€2,028.00 * €1,299.00 *
Asteria Up ceiling light, black/ medium Umage Asteria Up ceiling light
From €399.00 *
Millimetro ceiling/ pendant light, brass, 33cm, large Luceplan Millimetro Deckenleuchte
€910.00 * From €819.00 *
Lodes Tidal ceiling light Lodes Tidal ceiling lamp
€779.00 * From €739.00 *
Spider Ceiling spotlight, black Lodes Spider Ceiling spotlight
€333.00 * From €316.00 *
Clizia Mama non Mama Black wall/ ceiling light, large Slamp Clizia Mama non Mama Black Wall/ Ceiling light
€242.00 * From €229.00 *
Clizia Mama non Mama Gold wall/ ceiling light, large Slamp Clizia Mama non Mama Gold Wall/ Ceiling light
€279.00 * From €265.00 *
Solo Round surface mounted downlight, rose gold anodized Light Point Solo Round surface mounted downlight
From €210.00 *
Nautilus Spot Downlight Lodes Nautilus Spot Downlight
From €208.00 *
Venere wall/ ceiling light Rotaliana Venere wall/ ceiling light
€469.00 * From €423.00 *
Odeon 65 ceiling lamp Slamp Odeon 65/ 100 ceiling lamp
€1,428.00 * From €1,356.00 *
La Belle Etoile wall/ ceiling lamp, white Slamp La Belle Etoile wall / ceiling lamp
€797.00 * From €757.00 *
Puk Maxx Move LED Downlight, white Top Light Puk Maxx Move LED Downlight
€412.00 * From €370.00 *
Puk Move Halo Downlight, chrome Top Light Puk Move Halo Downlight
€208.00 * From €187.00 *
Draft ceiling light, M, brown Serien Lighting Draft ceiling light
€510.00 * From €484.00 *
Cavity ceiling light, white Serien Lighting Cavity ceiling light
From €210.00 *
Drum Short ceiling light, M Serien Lighting Drum Short ceiling light
From €385.00 *
Drum Long ceiling light, M Serien Lighting Drum Long ceiling light
From €405.00 *
Hope D66/30p Deckenleuchte Luceplan Hope D66/30p Ceiling fixture
€3,078.00 * €2,863.00 *
Blade Open Wand-/ Deckenleuchte im Wohnraumbeispiel mit der Blade Wand- Deckenleuchte Escale Blade Open ceiling/ wall lamp
From €829.00 *
Flat ceiling light Vibia Flat Ceiling light
From €803.00 *
Fis 77 ceiling light, aluminium Grossmann Fis 77 ceiling light
From €805.00 *
Blade wall/ ceiling light in gold leaf, anthrazit and taupe and in different sizes Escale Blade ceiling/ wall lamp
From €249.00 *
Lamella wall / ceiling lamp, aluminium Le Klint Lamella wall/ ceiling light
From €665.00 *
Bahia mini LED wall/ ceiling light Foscarini Bahia wall lamp
From €533.00 *
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Ceiling lamps and ceiling lights – Creating atmosphere or placing accents

Ceiling lights are – as the name suggests – mounted to the ceiling and do not protrude into the room, as pendant lights do. This is an advantage when it comes to space and is quite important in rooms with a low ceiling. They are also less prominent than pendant lamps and adapt much easier to the architecture of the room. This does not account for every ceiling light: manufacturers like Ingo Maurer, Artemide, or Catellani&Smith created ceiling lamps that are true eye catchers. 

Ceiling lights can be used to create atmosphere within a room, by applying indirect or diffuse light. It is also possible to illuminate separate areas and set accents, which works best with direct lighting. To achieve this means of illumination, one can use downlights or spots. The latter have the advantage of emitting a focused ray of light and they are often flexible and can be adjusted freely.

The decorative designer ceiling lights are more and more often equipped with modern LEDs, which do no longer send cold and glaring light, but emit pleasant, warm and above all economic light. From elaborate crystal chandeliers by Kolarz or Swarovski to contemporary and minimalist design: there are ceiling lamps for every taste and for every room, whether it is a living room, kitchen, hallway, kid’s room or bedroom. Lighting Deluxe offers an extraordinary luminaire selection: from classic design ceiling lights, to minimalist ceiling lamps, and more unusual lights.


Technical Ceiling Lights – Efficiency at work

This lamp type follows the credo "form follows function" and can be found mainly in the office or at the home desk. But even in living areas, for example in the hallway or in the stairwell, a reliable and powerful illumination is essential. With technical lighting the innovative LED technology has prevailed largely. Especially in the professional field, where permanent lighting is required, LEDs convince with their energy efficiency and long durability.

Spotlights are particularly favorable in the office because they illuminate the working space with directed light; most can rotate freely and can be adjusted to any needs. Technical lights are not limited to their functionality. Well-known manufacturers such as Artemide with the Artemide Architectural series, Nimbus or Basis are ingenious at combining aesthetics and effectiveness. LightingDeluxe offers these and many other manufacturers: a fine selection of modern ceiling lights, classic and innovative ceiling lamps, and many other inspirations can be found in the Lighting Journal.