Surface-mounted Downlight

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Solo Round surface mounted downlight, rose gold anodized Light Point Solo Round surface mounted downlight
From €210.00 *
Nautilus Spot Downlight Lodes Nautilus Spot Downlight
From €208.00 *
Puk Maxx Move LED Downlight, white Top Light Puk Maxx Move LED Downlight
€412.00 * From €370.00 *
Puk Move Halo Downlight, chrome Top Light Puk Move Halo Downlight
€208.00 * From €187.00 *
Draft ceiling light, M, brown Serien Lighting Draft ceiling light
€510.00 * From €484.00 *
Cavity ceiling light, white Serien Lighting Cavity ceiling light
From €210.00 *
Drum Long ceiling light, M Serien Lighting Drum Long ceiling light
From €405.00 *
Drum Short ceiling light, M Serien Lighting Drum Short ceiling light
From €355.00 *
- 18 %
Puk Maxx One 2 LED ceiling light, chrome Top Light Puk Maxx One 2 LED ceiling light
€326.00 * From €266.00 *
Tripla Deckenleuchte, anthrazit Fabbian Tripla Recessed light
From €278.00 *
Boxy L LED Downlight black/ gold matt DeltaLight Boxy L LED Downlight
From €227.00 *
Nautilus ceiling light, champagne, white, chrome Lodes Nautilus Ceiling Lamp
From €291.00 *
Opto Ceiling lights, steel Bruck Opto Ceiling lights
From €299.00 *
Tara R ceiling light Linea Light Tara R Ceiling light
From €160.00 *
Tara Q Ceiling light Linea Light Tara Q Ceiling light
From €154.00 *
Light Box xsmall ceiling modernlight Light Box ceiling light
From €92.00 *
- 15%
Light Box Soft ceiling light modernlight Light Box Soft ceiling light
From €105.00 *
Clippo Ceiling light modernlight Clippo ceiling light
€207.00 *
Puk Move LED Aufbaustrahler, weiß Top Light Puk Move LED Downlight
€300.00 * From €270.00 *
Puk Maxx Eye Halo Ceiling Light, chrome matt Top Light Puk Maxx Eye Halo Ceiling Light
€307.00 * From €276.00 *
Puk Eye Halo Ceiling Light, chrome Top Light Puk Mini Eye Halo Ceiling Light
€183.00 * From €164.00 *
Puk Eye LED Ceiling Light, chrome Top Light Puk Eye LED Ceiling Light
€261.00 * From €234.00 *
Puk Maxx Eye LED Downlight , chrome matt Top Light Puk Maxx Eye LED Downlight
€380.00 * From €342.00 *
Puk Maxx Move Halo Downlight , nickel Top Light Puk Maxx Move Halo Downlight
€346.00 * From €311.00 *
Bugia Single Ceiling Light, Gold Lodes Bugia Single Ceiling Light
€291.00 * €276.00 *
Outlook ceiling light Linea Light Outlook ceiling light
€182.00 *
Deltlight, Spy on 2 Deckenanbauleuchte, Farbe Schwarz DeltaLight Spy on 2 ceiling mounted spots
€600.00 *
Cantara LED ceiling light Bruck Cantara 190 LED ceiling light
From €479.00 *
Reef LED ceiling light - aluminium brushed Serien Lighting Reef LED Ceiling fixture
From €365.00 *
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Downlights - for modern, classic or country style interior

The surface-mounted downlight belongs to the category of ceiling lamps and is mounted to the ceiling accordingly. Unlike with the recessed spotlights, there is no retreat in the ceiling necessary, the downlight is attached directly to the surface.

Design downlights are often modest in design and therefore excellently suited to draw attention to the room itself, which is being lit. Thanks to its construction, it is possible to highlight certain sections of a room, like a particular corners or a special item, using direct light. That way, one can achieve remarkable effects or create a pleasant mood. If you combine several surface-mounted downlights, a room can be illuminated very evenly, while keeping a comfortable atmosphere. With the individual arrangement of downlights you can adjust the lighting entirely according to your individual needs.

The temperate design allows countless combinations: a neutral lamp adapts to a variety of decorating styles and is never misplaced. The Italian manufacturer Flos with its department Flos Architechtural provides very tasteful surface-mounted downlights, which are available in modern, modest or rustic colors. The low key design does of course not apply for all models: The Pelota downlight by Linea Light convinces with its futuristic design and enriches the environment with that certain something.

Some surface-mounted downlights are also adjustable and thus maximize flexibility. So you can illuminate different things using direct spotlight, and change your mind about what you want to enlighten, adjusting the downlight with a single touch. With multi-lamp, adjustable surface-mounted downlights, the possibilities are almost endless. Depending on the number of illuminants, you can multiply the illumination and also choose freely what you would like to light.

Thanks to the latest LED technology, most manufacturers offer their surface-mounted downlights also with LED bulbs. With regard to energy efficiency and lifetime, LEDs are always the best choice. It pays off in the end, not only on the electricity bill. LED surface-mounted downlights are most economical.