Boxy L LED Downlight

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  • SW10143
The Boxy L + LED mounted downlight from DeltaLight knows how to leave the wonderfully soft light... more
Product information "Boxy L LED Downlight"

The Boxy L + LED mounted downlight from DeltaLight knows how to leave the wonderfully soft light into the room. Because of the angular shape of the inner reflector, it achieves a similar light, as the halogen light effect, without creating the clear edges of the usual LED light on the walls.

Designer: DeltaLight
Country of Origin: Belgium
Lighting fixture type: Ambient light, Direct lighting, Downlight
Delivery scope: incl. bulb and transformer (only if 230V)
Material: aluminium
Dimmable: Yes
Protection class: IP20
Light Emission: direct
Beam angle: 33°
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): 8cm x 8cm x 9cm
Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): 3.14" x 3.14" x 3.54"
Illuminant: LED 7,1W
Lumen: 2700K 779lm; 3000K: 812lm
Color rendering: CRI>90
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