Minigrid in 2 Frame dimmable recessed spot

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The Minigrid in 2 frame ceiling light with Soft Dim technology is an innovation from Deltalight.... more
Product information "Minigrid in 2 Frame dimmable recessed spot"

The Minigrid in 2 frame ceiling light with Soft Dim technology is an innovation from Deltalight. The built-in high-power LEDs change the light color when dimming, so that the light becomes warmer, the darker it is. This creates a homely atmosphere while the LEDs shine with their energy efficiency. They display excellent color rendering results and move every interior in the right light.
The wide beam angle allows the illumination of large areas. In addition, the spotlight inside is rotatable by 360 ° and can be swiveled from 0 ° to 20 °. The luminaire is therefore highly flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of circumstances. Minigrid frames, housings and spotlights are available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the right spot for each device.
The luminaire is part of Deltalight's grid luminaire series and was awarded the Reddot Design Award Winner2011, the iF Product Design Award and the Green Good Design Award.

Designer: DeltaLight
Country of Origin: Belgium
Material: aluminium
Protection class: IP20
mounting depth in cm: 8,5cm
Illuminant: 2700K: LED 2x10,4W, Soft Dim: LED 2x9,5W
Beam angle: 2700K: 50°, Soft Dim 40°
Light Emission: direct
Lumen: 2700K: 2x1073lm (500mA), Soft Dim: 2x760lm
Color rendering: CRI > 90
Delivery scope: incl. bulb excl. transformer (only if 230V)
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): 12,3cm x 22,6 cm x6,5 cm
Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): 4,9" x 8,9" x 2,6"
Type Recessed light: Recessed ceiling lighting
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