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Spider Ceiling spotlight, black Lodes Spider Ceiling spotlight
€333.00 * From €316.00 *
Nautilus Spot Downlight Lodes Nautilus Spot Downlight
From €208.00 *
Venere wall/ ceiling light Rotaliana Venere wall/ ceiling light
€469.00 * From €423.00 *
Puk Maxx Move LED Downlight, white Top Light Puk Maxx Move LED Downlight
€412.00 * From €370.00 *
Puk Move Halo Downlight, chrome Top Light Puk Move Halo Downlight
€208.00 * From €187.00 *
Nautilus ceiling light, champagne, white, chrome Lodes Nautilus Ceiling Lamp
From €291.00 *
Opto Ceiling lights, steel Bruck Opto Ceiling lights
From €299.00 *
Light Box xsmall ceiling modernlight Light Box ceiling light
From €92.00 *
- 15%
Light Box Soft ceiling light modernlight Light Box Soft ceiling light
From €105.00 *
Puk Move LED Aufbaustrahler, weiß Top Light Puk Move LED Downlight
€300.00 * From €270.00 *
Puk Maxx Move Halo Downlight , nickel Top Light Puk Maxx Move Halo Downlight
€346.00 * From €311.00 *
Deltalight, Spy on 1, Ceiling lights, Color white DeltaLight Spy on 1 Ceiling light
€357.00 *
Deltlight, Spy on 2 Deckenanbauleuchte, Farbe Schwarz DeltaLight Spy on 2 ceiling mounted spots
€600.00 *
- 30 %
Box 2.0 PAR16 Ceiling light white/ black Wever & Ducré Wever & Ducré Box 2.0 PAR16 Ceiling Light -...
€138.00 * €96.00 *
Box 2.0 PAR16 Ceiling Light Wever & Ducré Box 2.0 PAR16 Ceiling Light
From €138.00 *
Box 2.0 LED Ceiling Light Wever & Ducré Box 2.0 LED Ceiling Light
From €351.00 *
Box 1.0 LED 2700K Ceiling Light black Wever & Ducré Box 1.0 LED 2700K Ceiling Light
From €188.00 *
Solid 1.0 LED Ceiling Light Wever & Ducré Solid 1.0 LED Ceiling Light
From €212.00 *
Solid 1.0 PAR16 Ceiling light Wever & Ducré Solid 1.0 PAR16 Ceiling light
€118.00 *
2 Tubes Ceiling White/light Gold Nemo 2 Tubes Ceiling Light
From €446.00 *
Puk Maxx Side Ceiling light Top Light Puk Maxx Side LED Ceiling Light
€406.00 * From €365.00 *
Dela Spot Deckenleuchte mit Abdeckplatte Top Light Dela Spot Ceiling Light
€103.00 * From €93.00 *
Dela Deckenleuchte, small Top Light Dela Ceiling Light
€103.00 * From €92.00 *
Dela Box Ceiling light Top Light Dela Box Ceiling Light
€117.00 * From €105.00 *
Quadro Spot Ceiling light Top Light Ceiling Quadro Ceiling Light
€105.00 * From €95.00 *
Puk Maxx Plus Top Light Puk Maxx Plus LED Wall/Ceiling Light
€280.00 * From €252.00 *
Pin-Up Wall Sconce / Ceiling Light in coppery bronze Lodes Pin-Up Wall/Ceiling Light
From €232.00 *
Quadro Short Spot Top Light Quadro Short Spot Ceiling Light Halogen
€103.00 * €93.00 *
Puk Sister Twin Top Light Puk Sister Twin Ceiling Light
€756.00 * From €681.00 *
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Spotlights - descreet and multi-purposed

Spotlights are lighting elements that are mounted on the ceiling, and are distinguished by their direct, targeted light. They are available in countless colors and shapes. There are single-lamps and multiple element lamps, to meet different lighting requirements - how bright should the room be and how many areas have to be illuminated differently? Manufacturers such as DeltaLight, Fabbian and Linea Light offer a wide variety of designs for ceiling spotlights, from flat to spherical, from playful to futuristic - which furnishing style should the lamp fit to?

You can also have spots with special properties: ceiling spotlights with motion detectors are particularly useful in the corridor and, at that, energy saving. Spotlights with dimmer function allow more individual adaptation to the respective room situation. Single or multiple element lamps with movable spots increase flexibility when it comes to the targeted illumination of certain areas or objects. The direct light enables precise adjustment to individual needs.

Due to the various customization options, a maximum leeway is granted. Depending on your needs each room and each environment can be illuminated accordingly. So you can create a pleasant atmosphere for reading or brighten the work area to enable efficient working. With adjustable spotlights you can set up the spot to this corner and tomorrow on the other one.

Despite the large variety of designs, the spotlight is generally very space-saving. This allows an application in almost all corners of the house. In the living room you can illuminate the seating area - or only a single picture on the wall. In the bathroom, the mirror can be illuminated with spotlights, thus facilitating the shaving or daily care. In the kitchen, you can set up a spot on the table - and one to the pot on the stove. Convert your entrance hall into a gallery with illuminated pictures on the wall, or make your lounge shine!

Well-known manufacturers such as Artemide or Linea Light are increasingly working with LED technology for spotlights and combine it with exceptional designs. LEDs offer an economical and highly efficient way to light up the living room. Unlike traditional lights only a very small amount is converted from energy to heat and is lost. They are available in different light colors. It is important to pay attention to the indication in Kelvin: The smaller the number, the warmer the light. This means that warm white is 2700K and 4000K is cool white. For a LED light source also spotlights are always a good choice, not at least because of the longer life.