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Cocò Pendant white Modoluce Cocò D60 Pendant Light
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Ombrella D60 Pendant Light Modoluce Ombrella D60 Pendant Light
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Disk ceiling light Modoluce Disk Medium ceiling light
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Ring Tonda wall/ceiling white Modoluce Ring Tonda D65 wall/ceiling light LED
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Cocò pendant dark brown Modoluce Cocò D100 Pendant Light
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Dejavù Wall Light Modoluce Dejavù Wall Light
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Dejavù Ceiling Light Modoluce Dejavù Ceiling Light
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Ombrella D60 Ceiling light copper Modoluce Ombrella D60 Ceiling Light
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Ombrella D80 Ceiling light white Modoluce Ombrella D80 Ceiling Light
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Orb Pendant Light Modoluce Orb Pendant Light
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Dejavù Wall Light Modoluce Dejavù H.28 Wall Light
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Florinda Desnuda Modoluce Florinda Desnuda 6 Pendant Light
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Florinda Desnuda Ceiling Light white Modoluce Florinda Desnuda 6 Ceiling Light
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Ombrella D60 Pendant Light Modoluce Ombrella D60 Pendant Light
From €612.00 *
Cocò Pendant white Modoluce Cocò D60 Pendant Light
€1,148.00 *
Ombrella D80 Pendant Modoluce Ombrella D80 Pendant Light
From €975.00 *
Cocò Pendelleuchte Ziegelsteinfarben Modoluce Cocò D80 Pendant Light
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Cocò Ceiling Light wine red Modoluce Cocò D80 Ceiling Light
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Cocò Ceiling Light blue Modoluce Cocò D60 Ceiling Light
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Cilindro Pendant Light Modoluce Cilindro D60 Pendant Light Open Box / Sale
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Sharp D18 Pendant Light Modoluce Sharp D18 Pendant Light
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Sharp D35 Pendant Light Modoluce Sharp D35 Pendant Light
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Sharp D55 Pendant Light Modoluce Sharp D55 Pendant Light
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Sharp D70 Pendant Light Modoluce Sharp D70 Pendant Light
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Saponetta Pendant Light Modoluce Saponetta Pendant Light
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Saponetta Pendelleuchte OUTDOOR 1 Modoluce Saponetta Pendelleuchte OUTDOOR
From €1,297.00 *
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Saponetta Wall/Ceiling Light Modoluce Saponetta Wall/Ceiling Light
From €1,088.00 *
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Modoluce - contemporary italian design

Modoluce offers  its lights in an incomparable diversity. The customer has the choice of different materials, gathers, colors, shapes, sizes, and much, much more. The selection is as impressive as the exceptional designs that largely implemented by the manufacturer in handicraft.

Modoluces imposing lights as Florinda pendant lamp or Loto pendant light work particularly well in large rooms with high ceilings, such as a foyer, since the long supply line enables an enhanced suspension.

The manufacturer from Italy also offers Contemporary floor lamps, such as the dimmable Artù, modern ceiling lights, like the Discovolante or classic table lamps like Lucilla. Many of the current collections are fitted with LEDs, which are characterized by high energy efficiency and long service life.

A particularly popular collection represent the various outdoor lighting and light furniture. Dedicated illuminated stools and tables as the Campanone or Atollo series are absolute trendy. Here Modoluce emphasizes with durable materials and reliable processing.

LightingDeluxe offers a huge choice of different Modoluce lights, which covers a wide range of different styles.

The young company was founded in 2003 and is growing steadily worldwide since then. A global network of distributors, as, supports Modoluce here. Thanks to unconventional ideas creative designers such as Anna Rosa Romana or Paolo Grasselli and the use of natural materials, inspire Modoluce lights with high quality and formal elegance. New techniques for processing innovative materials, their shaping and careful implementation of different designs cause that Modoluce especially internationally is growing and is becoming more popular.

Great attention is paid to the compound of beautiful lighting effects with decorative lighting designs. Great emphasis will be placed on a clean, formal design language which again can be found in all the lights from the Italian manufacturer. The attention to details, the selected materials, the conscientious processing and the high quality standards that provides Modoluce itself, guarantee that each luminaire is an eye-catcher in your home, whether it follows a modern style or prefer a classic design.

Modoluce lights cover various areas of responsibility. In the private and business sectors, they enrich their pleasant lighting atmosphere. The different types of luminaire, which is offered by, make it possible to accentuate specifically with Modoluce lamps to give the room structure and is zoning it.

In the Light Journal by you will find useful information about the subjects of LED lights and sustainability, and the latest collections of famous Italian manufacturers such as Artemide, Flos or Fabbian.