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Pin-Up Wall Sconce / Ceiling Light in coppery bronze Lodes Pin-Up Wall/Ceiling Light
From €232.00 *
Nautilus ceiling light, champagne, white, chrome Lodes Nautilus Ceiling Lamp
From €291.00 *
Spider  Suspension Lamp, white Lodes Spider pendant lamp
From €309.00 *
Kelly Dome Pendelleuchte Bronze Lodes Kelly Dome Pendant light
From €589.00 *
Kelly Sphere SO Pendant Light Lodes Kelly Sphere SO Pendant Light
From €1,059.00 *
A-Tube Deckenleuchte Lodes A-Tube ceiling light
€136.00 * From €129.00 *
Bugia Single Ceiling Light, Gold Lodes Bugia Single Ceiling Light
€291.00 * €276.00 *
A-Tube Pendelleuchte Lodes A-Tube Pendant light
From €214.00 *
Sky-Fall Pendelleuchte, rauchfarben Lodes Sky-Fall Pendant Light
From €565.00 *
Kelly Cluster 5 Spheres Pendant light Lodes Kelly Cluster 5 Spheres Pendant light
€2,219.00 * From €2,119.00 *
Puzzle Square & Rectangle Decken-/Wandleuchte Lodes Puzzle Square & Rectangle Ceiling/Wall light
€434.00 * From €390.00 *
Laser 10x6 Wall sconce white Lodes Laser 10x6 Wall sconce
From €136.00 *
Laser 10x10 Wall sconce white Lodes Laser 10x10 Wall sconce
From €172.00 *
Makeup ceiling/ wall light Lodes Makeup Ceiling/ Wall light
From €214.00 *
Rain Single Pendant Light Lodes Rain Single Pendant light
From €226.00 *
Rain 5 Lights Track Suspension Lamp Lodes Rain 5 Lights Track Pendant Light
From €1,157.00 *
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Lodes - Modern designs with Italian tradition

The story of Lodes, formerly Studio Italia Design begins, like that of so many Italian manufacturers of high-quality designer lighting, near Venice. In 1950, Angelo Tosetto made artistic chandeliers in the tradition of the glassblowers of Murano. The inimitable way Venice's artists create the high-quality crystal glass has been passed down for centuries. To protect the secrets, the rulers of Venice had all the melting furnaces of the lagoon city moved to the island of Murano in the northwest.

Thus developed a rich artistic and artisan culture that still exists today. The earlier works survived the time only in the rarest cases. Today, mostly only still lifes bear witness to the wonderful works created during the Renaissance period. Thanks to the efforts of the Italian government, today there are many museums, studios and traditional workshops where the craft is preserved.

Tosetto managed to give shape to light with his chandeliers. He combined glass and metals such as brass, copper or stainless steel in perfect harmony. This harmony still characterizes the traditional Italian manufacturer today. How the designers combine tradition with modernity, classical design language with current technology or minimalist design with timeless esprit is unparalleled.

For three generations, Lodes has become increasingly popular, especially internationally. Alongside Luceplan, Foscarini and Catellani & Smith, it has long been considered one of the best-known manufacturers of Italian designer lamps. At the same time, the design standards in particular have changed. From chandeliers the way went to modern designs and materials.

The best example of the current claim is the Bugia Triple ceiling lamp, which is trendy with its organic shape and lens optics paired with indirect light.

The Sky-Fall pendant lamp also inspires with its timeless elegant form, which both brings the light directly to the desired location below it with an LED and also creates a special effect in the luminaire with the LED directed upwards and brightens the room itself.

Much more traditional is the Nostalgia pendant lamp. It is made of high-quality glass, coated in different colors. With it, the manufacturer dares to go back to the beginning and offers it in warm metallic tones, such as gold or copper.