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Luceplan Mesh pendant light Luceplan Mesh pendant light
From €2,800.00 * UVP: €3,011.00 *
Costanza D13 s. Pendant light (3 single lights) Luceplan Costanza D13 s. Pendant light
From €294.00 * UVP: €316.00 *
Hope Pendant light Luceplan Hope D66/18 Pendant light
€1,204.00 * UVP: €1,295.00 *
Hope D66.8 wall sconce Luceplan Hope D66.8 Wall sconce
€699.00 * UVP: €752.00 *
Agave 17 Pendant light with yellow filter Luceplan Agave 17 Pendant light
€299.00 * UVP: €322.00 *
Agave D49/26 s Pendant light Luceplan Agave D49/26 s Pendant light
From €357.00 * UVP: €384.00 *
Agave D49/70 Pendant light with red color filter Luceplan Agave D49/70 Pendant light
€492.00 *
Aircon D50 Pendant light, orange, neutral Luceplan Aircon D50 Penant light
€542.00 * UVP: €583.00 *
Bap D19/L 1 Table light, black Luceplan Bap D19/L 1 Table light
€334.00 * UVP: €360.00 *
Bap D19/L 2 Table light with red color filter Luceplan Bap D19/L 2 Table light
€283.00 * UVP: €305.00 *
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Costanza Fix LED Luceplan Costanza Fix LED Floor Light
€520.00 * €468.00 *
Luceplan Curl Tischlampe mit Spiegel-Applikation Luceplan Curl Tischlampe
€298.00 * €277.00 *
Luceplan Mesh pendant light Luceplan Mesh pendant light
€3,011.00 * From €2,800.00 *
Inventory Sale 20%
Costanzina table light Luceplan Costanzina D13 LED table light
€220.00 * €204.00 *
Inventory Sale 20%
 Costanza LED HUE Tischleuchte Luceplan Costanza D13 Tischleuchte LED HUE
€476.00 * €443.00 *
Costanza D13 LED Luceplan Costanza D13tfL LED Floor Light
€571.00 * From €531.00 *
Compendium pendant light brass Luceplan Compendium Suspension lamp
€690.00 * €641.00 *
Compendium Floor Lamp in black Luceplan Compendium Floor Lamp
€736.00 * €684.00 *
Tango D77 Floor lamp Luceplan Tango D77 Floor Lamp
€982.00 * €913.00 *
Inventory Sale 20%
Inventory Sale 20%
 Stochastic Pendant metallized Luceplan Stochastik Pendant Light
€1,399.00 * From €1,301.00 *
Lady Costanza Floor light Luceplan Lady Costanza Floor light
€1,186.00 * From €1,103.00 *
Costanzina D13 pi. Mezzo Tono Table Light Luceplan Costanzina D13 pi. Table light with base plate
€198.00 * From €184.00 *
Costanza D13 i. Radieuse Table Light Luceplan Costanza D13/i. Radieuse Table light
€333.00 * From €309.00 *
Costanza table light Luceplan Costanza D13.i.Mezzo Tono Table light
€333.00 * From €309.00 *
Sky D63t2 Bollard light Luceplan Sky D63t2 Bollard light
€516.00 * From €479.00 *
Sky D63t1 floor light Luceplan Sky D63t1 floor light
€423.00 * From €393.00 *
Sky D63a Outdoor wall light Luceplan Sky D63a Outdoor wall light
€337.00 * From €313.00 *
Titania Suspension lamp Luceplan Titania Suspension lamp
€382.00 * €355.00 *
Plisse Pendant lamp white Luceplan Plisse Pendant lamp
€1,126.00 * €1,047.00 *
Costanza D13/i./i.flu Table light, red Luceplan CostanzaD13 Table light
€376.00 * From €349.00 *
Lola D15 d. Floor light, example in living area Luceplan Lola D15 d. Floor light
€454.00 * €422.00 *
Lola D15 a.1 Wall sconce, aluminium Luceplan Lola D15 a.1 Wall sconce
€165.00 * €153.00 *
Lightdisc D41/40.04 Wall sconce as outdoor light Luceplan Lightdisc D41/40.04 Wall sconce
€444.00 * From €422.00 *
Lightdisc D41 Ceiling-/Wall light as wall sconce Luceplan Lightdisc D41 Ceiling-/Wall light
€229.00 * From €213.00 *
Javelot Macro D54t outdoor floor light Luceplan Javelot Macro D54t outdoor floor light
€9,318.00 * €8,665.00 *
Hope D66/12p Ceiling fixture Luceplan Hope D66/12p Ceiling fixture
€1,093.00 * €1,016.00 *
Hope D66/3a Wall sconce Luceplan Hope D66/3a Wall sconce
€322.00 * €299.00 *
Hope D66/105 Pendant light Luceplan Hope D66/105 Pendant light
€10,123.00 * €9,414.00 *
Hope D66/42 Pendant light Luceplan Hope D66/42 Pendant light
€3,646.00 * €3,390.00 *
Hope D66/12 Pendant light Luceplan Hope D66/12 Pendant light
€974.00 * €905.00 *
Hope D66/18 EL D Pendant light Luceplan Hope D66/18 EL D Pendant light
€1,520.00 * €1,413.00 *
HappyHappy D45/EL Pendant light with red color filter Luceplan HappyHappy D45/EL Pendant light
€599.00 * €557.00 *
HappyHappy D45 dl/EL Pendant light Luceplan HappyHappy D45 dl/EL Pendant light
€673.00 * €625.00 *
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Luceplan – Italian Design and environmental responsibility

The Italian manufacturer Luceplan was established in 1978. Since its inception it is marked by experimentation, research and the very own corporate philosophy. Luceplan lights are not created for the moment, but as timeless classics. Good design outlasts trends and is constantly improved. Also Luceplan itself is constantly improving as a company. With stores in major design capitals and always new designs Luceplan reaffirms its reputation as one of the most innovative designers of lighting manufacturers in Italy.

But Luceplan grow wisely. Ecological responsibility is very important to the Italians. Sustainability has always been firmly anchored in the agenda of Luceplan. Even before ecology became a trend, here lamps were manufactured, which set new standards with centralized production cycles in the field of sustainability. Ecological responsibility also means research and innovation, the main priorities in the company's history for Luceplan. The Italian manufacturer was one of the first of the materials and technologies used, the environmental guidelines sufficed were formulated much later.

This was also the case with LED lights. Luceplan recognized early on the benefits of light emitting diodes. Thanks to its high energy efficiency and long service life, the early research paid off in this direction for the manufacturer and ultimately the customer. The current trend towards integrated photovoltaics is maintained at Luceplan for several years. With the Sky Outdoor Lighting Series combines the traditional Italian manufacturer since 2007 LED lighting with solar energy. The high-quality designer luminaires also have the advantage, not tied to any power source and thus to be very flexible.

The creative repertoire extends from minimalist, contemporary lighting modern lamps, to classic designs like the Costanza floor lamp or the Costanzina series. The modern design of the Titania pendant lamp is especially in the dining room an eye-catcher. A similar design language also has the Agave pendant lamp, which is, however, not made of metal but of high quality methacrylate.

The popular Hope pendant lamp was awarded the Compasso d'Oro and has not only a unique design, but also a stunning lighting effect. Luceplan lights are regularly rewarded with prestigious awards. So also the Plissé pendant lamp has been awarded with the Design Plus Award. Particularly praiseworthy the jury seemed the perfect combination of formal elegance and functionality. The Plissé is adjustable in size and adapts to various table sizes. provides Luceplan designer lamps for everyone. Especially popular and timeless in design and material effect is the Lola series, consisting of wall sconce and floor lamp.

In the Light Journal interested people can find more information about the topics of sustainability and LED lighting. shows suggestions and the latest collections of famous Italian manufacturers such as Artemide, Flos or Foscarini.