24 Karat Blau T Table light

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The 24 Karat Blau Table light Axel Schmid consists of golden shades, each with four holes. This... more
Product information "24 Karat Blau T Table light"
The 24 Karat Blau Table light Axel Schmid consists of golden shades, each with four holes. This allows you to light them according to your preferences to make and fix the aperture at different angles to the Red Cross staff. Due to the cold-blue light source will be a charming contrast between heat-giving light and actually the golden shades created, which are the real bearer of the warm color temperature of the 24 Karat Blau table light.
Designer: Axel Schmid
Design: 2005
Country of Origin: Germany
Lighting fixture type: Tischlampe, Ambient light, Bedside lamps
Material: synthetic material
Material Shade: synthetic material
Delivery scope: excl. bulb
Color structure: red
Colour light shade: inner shade gold
Protection class: IP20
Adjustable: No
Light Emission: uniform
Illuminant: Generate Meta Tags
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): 33cm x 43cm x 33 cm
Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): 12.99" x 16.93" x 12.99"
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