Goccia Pendant light

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The Goccia pendant light stands for its wonderful play of light, although it appears slightly... more
Product information "Goccia Pendant light"
The Goccia pendant light stands for its wonderful play of light, although it appears slightly cool on the surface. On all colors except opal, prism and jet, each level has a different interior color that is reflected and thus is characteristic for the lamp. Take a look at the different colors and find your own favorite, provided that you can opt for one, as each light has its own charm.
Designer: Stefano Papi
Country of Origin: Italy
Delivery scope: excl. bulb
Specialty: Only available within Europe!
Material: Opalflex, metal
Protection class: IP20
Adjustable: No
Energy saving: 1
Type Pendant light: Small (< 30cm/12")
Lighting fixture type: Ambient light
Light Emission: uniform
Dimmable: Yes
Canopy Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): max. 82.67"
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): Ø30cm x 43cm
Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): Ø11.81" x 16.93"
Max. Total height: max. 210cm
Illuminant: E27 1x75W
GLN: 4052467269809
Condition: new
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