Spirit T1 reading lamp

  • SW10418
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Spirit T1 reading lamp combines flexibility with modern design and elegant colors. Thus,... more
Product information "Spirit T1 reading lamp"

Spirit T1 reading lamp combines flexibility with modern design and elegant colors. Thus, the individual lights are attached to the light rod by magnet and can be positioned as needed within the scope of the cable. In addition, the individual lights can be dimmed via integrated touchless sensor. The lamp rod is black for all variants.

Designer: Ronni Gol
Country of Origin: Denmark
Lighting fixture type: Stehlampe, Spotlight, Reading lights
Material: metal
Material Shade: metal
Delivery scope: built-in LED
Color structure: black
Protection class: IP20
Adjustable: Yes
Light Emission: direct
Dimmable: Yes
Dimmer kind: Sensordimmer
Light Color: 2700K
Color rendering: CRI>90
Lumen: 550lm
Illuminant: LED 5W
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): Ø20cm x 44,6cm
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