CPL F1 FLoor light

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The CPL F1 floor light emits a very good ambient light. The shade of mouth-blown glass is... more
Product information "CPL F1 FLoor light"
The CPL F1 floor light emits a very good ambient light. The shade of mouth-blown glass is available in two different colours, as well as the according structure. The dimmable light gives design by Christian Ploderer a comfortable atmosphere. The manufacturer Prandina guarantees high quality. Enjoy this beautiful light in the early evening.
Designer: Christian Ploderer
Country of Origin: Italy
Material: metal, glass
Colour light shade: opal white
Material Shade: glass
Special Options: dimmable
Delivery scope: excl. bulb
Design: 2000
Lighting fixture type: Ambient light
Light Emission: uniform
Adjustable: No
Protection class: IP20
Dimmable: No
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): 24 cm x 182 cm
Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): Ø 9,5" x 71,7"
Illuminant: 1x150W Medium base incandescent
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