PostKrisi Chandelier

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  • SW10136
The Postkrisi chandelier lets the sophistication of the Postkrisi series shine in a unique... more
Product information "PostKrisi Chandelier"

The Postkrisi chandelier lets the sophistication of the Postkrisi series shine in a unique combination. Depending on whether it should be a round, square or even oval canopy, the individual lights are distributed over the height. The 14cm and 20cm diameter lights are combined in the two largest versions. In the smaller versions, only the 14cm diameter lights are used.

Colour light shade: nature
Farbe Baldachin: Stahl satiniert
Protection class: IP20
Lighting fixture type: Effect lighting, Cluster pendant light, pendant light
Light Emission: uniform
Light Color: 2700K
Lumen: XS: 3x150lm/ S: 5x150lm/ M: 7x150lm/ L: 7x150lm/ XL: 7x150lm/ XXL: 10x150lm
Color rendering: CRI 85
Dimmable: Yes
Dimmer kind: Triac, IGBT
Dimensions XS (WxHx: Baldachin 30cm x 30cm, 3x Ø14cm
Illuminant xsmall: LED 3x1,5W
Dimensions S (WxHxD): Baldachin 30cm x 30cm, 5x Ø14cm
Illuminant small: LED 5x1,5W
Dimensions M (WxHxD): Baldachin Ø40cm, 7x Ø14cm
Illuminant medium: LED 7x1,5W
Dimensions L (WxHxD): Baldachin 60cm x 60cm, 7x Ø14cm
Illuminant large: LED 7x1,5W
Dimensions XL (WxHxD): Baldachin 90cm x 30cm, 3x Ø20cm + 4x Ø14cm
Illuminant xlarge: LED 7x1,5W
Dimensionsa XXL (WxHxD): Baldachin Ø78cm, 4x Ø20cm + 6x Ø14cm
Illuminant xxlarge: LED 10x1,5W
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