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Brokis - Tradition meets Innovation

The Czech label Brokis is a young and dynamic company that was founded in 2006. Their lighting designs are full of innovation and originality, while still they are able to look back on a long tradition of glass processing. Brokis has its origins in the Janštejn glass manufactory which was bought in 1997 by Czech entrepreneur and engineer Jan Rabell. The traditional company can look back on an eventful history, which began in 1809 in Bohemia. In this region, the Bohemian glassblowers craft has been prospering for generations since the 17th century.

At the time, when Rabell acquired the factory, the market for traditional glass was devastated, many of the glassblowers were getting old and traditional techniques were in danger of being lost. Rabells plan was to revive the Bohemian glass art and to obtain the knowledge of generations of glassblowers. The company used the traditional craftsmanship and combined it with innovative technology and exceptional design. Establishing the label Brokis made the manufacturer arrive in the 21st century and helped the Bohemian glassblowers craft to new heights.

The lights offered by Brokis are fundamentally different from the products, which were manufactured earlier at Janštejn. The traditional techniques were refined and sometimes discontinued. The glass at Brokis is no longer painted or ground; for other methods were rediscovered and improved: glassblowing, processing of optical glasses or glass works techniques. Almost forgotten formulas for coloring the glass were revitalized and are now characteristic of the lights of Brokis.

Today, the Czech brand is largest manufacturer of glass lamps in the country. Brokis is known for its unique combination of first-class design, excellent quality and the remarkable craftsmanship of Czech glassmakers. The lighting collections, designed by renowned domestic and foreign designers are acknowledged internationally and have already won several awards. The manufacturer combines blown glass with other selected materials, such as wood or metal to witty lighting compositions that always add new facets to the spectrum of contemporary design.

A luminaire series like the Balloon does not only impress with its unique design, but also by the many versions available. There are different sizes, among which you can choose; the glass body is available in different colors and you can even choose the color of the metal plate on which the lamp rests. The Balloon light is a beautiful eye-catcher in itself, even when switched off. The large glass balloon makes it look as if the glowing interior is floating above the ground. It demands space in the room, but does not fill it. A feast for the eyes!

Also made of glass, but with a very different design is the Memory light. The designer called it probably that way because it evokes memories of childhood: it looks like a balloon, hanging from the ceiling or on the wall. It it wasn’t for the ceiling, the Memory might even fly away... The lightness is of course only an illusion, because the shade of the lamp is made of blown glass that is colored according to the traditional formula of Brokis. The lamp is available with matt and glossy glass.