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Vondom – Light furniture and Accessories for the Garden from Spain

Young, active, smart and creative - that is the perfect description for the Spanish manufacturer Vondom. They are one of the leading providers of extravagant light furniture and outdoor living accessories. Light furniture is the current trend in designer lamps. Whether stool, table or planter - almost everything there is a multifunctional outdoor furniture. Function and design are particularly in perfect harmony at Vondom. The furniture and lamps are made of weather-resistant plastic, which is sufficient, thanks to precise processing, highest standards of safety and protection.

Vondom has succeeded in winning numerous well-known designers. Roberto Palomba, Javier Mariscal or Karim Rashid are just some of the creative minds that enrich Vondom with their designs.

Especially on the patio, at the pool or the balcony are Vondom light furniture and accessories an eye-catcher. The Spanish manufacturer offers its designs in many different sizes. This allows the customer to respond to its individual space. In the garden are generous seating areas and decorative sculptures no problem, on the terrace or the balcony you should have, however, small sized light furniture.

In the pool area Vondom furniture serve as a storage area, to relax after a swim and easily as a light source. At outdoor events in the garden lighting furniture are an eye-catcher and conversation pieces. Your guests will certainly appreciate the pleasant atmosphere and the glare-free light mood of a perfectly coordinated lighting concept.

Vondom is primarily characterized by the unmistakable design language. With the Adan collection the lighten tables, planters or stools combine polygonal areas into a kind of stylized head, which provides a shelf or seat. Available is the series in different colors, with a matt or gloss finish. The illuminated versions are equipped with modern LED technology. LED lights are considered to be particularly energy-efficient and durable. These characteristics predestined for outdoor use. You can remain switched on overnight without causing excessive costs. They are also virtually maintenance-free thanks to the durable diodes.

The Chrismy floor lamp is characterized by energy-saving LED. It is equipped with a special subspecies: the RGB LED bulbs. These cover the entire color spectrum and can specifically create an individual atmosphere. It is particularly suitable for the winter and the Christmas season, but thanks to their (annual) timeless character otherwise an unconventional eye-catcher. Similar technology, but more traditional design characterize the Vases Lampara outdoor floor lamp.

With the innovative planter series Stone, FAZ and Alma  - Vondom creates exciting contrasts. The artificial character of lights is here combined with the naturalness, the organic plants.

Light furniture and outdoor living accessories are the latest trend for designer lamps. The Light Journal offers information on these and many other trends.