Pendant lighting

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Silk Pendant light, detail Escale Silk Pendantlight Large
From €1,217.51 *
Silk Pendant light with floor light Escale Silk Pendantlight Medium 1
From €1,022.55 *
Fluid Pendant light gold Escale Fluid Pendant Light
From €1,022.55 *
Escale Rainbow pendant light anthracit Escale Rainbow pendant light
€1,264.30 *
Fluid Pendant light, 5 lights, aluminium matt Escale Fluid Pendant light, 5 lights
From €778.86 *
Medusa Pendant light, gold leaf Escale Medusa Pendant light
€800.30 *
Skyline Pendant light Escale Skyline Pendant light
€1,194.12 *
EOS Pendant Light Escale Eos Pendant light
€1,600.61 *
Eos small Pendant light Escale Eos small Pendant light
€464.00 *
Avanti Pendelleuchte Escale Avanti Pendant light
€881.21 *