Table lighting

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China Table light, white glossy Penta China small table light
From €282.69 *
Wood table light, round Penta Wood square table light
From €566.35 *
Mami Tischleuchte in bronze gebürstet Penta Mami Table Lamp
From €1,095.66 *
Polar Table Lamp Penta Polar Table Lamp
From €371.39 *
Klint Tischleuchte Penta Klint Table Lamp
€1,264.30 *
Labo Table Lamp Penta Labo Table Lamp
From €568.30 *
Glo table lights in rose-gold Penta Glo small Table light
From €461.08 *
C'hi Tiable light opal white, ambience Penta C'hi table light
From €464.00 *
Glo Table lamp - family Penta Glo large Table light
From €921.18 *
China Table light, white glossy Penta China medium table light
From €342.15 *
Wood table light, square Penta Wood table light square
From €566.35 *
The Tosca table lights small and medium, made of white opal glass Penta Tosca table light
From €540.03 *
Two Tocco round table lights, maxi and large in wenge Penta Tocco round table light
From €510.79 *
A New Classic Pascia table light, low cylinder, black, fume Penta New Classic Pascia table light
From €568.30 *
China maxi Table light, white Penta China maxi table light
From €672.61 *
A black Bag table light Penta Bag table light
From €440.61 *
Aba Vip table lamp Penta Aba Vip table lamp
From €336.30 *