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From Vancouver, Canada comes the fascinating manufacturer Bocci who has a subsidiary in Berlin. The glass is manufactured and processed in an own glass factory, whereby these special pieces focus on the emotional, irrational and romantic sounds of contemporary design. At the same time, Bocci attaches utmost importance to technical complexity and technical innovation. This is reflected for instance in the fact that the conventional light sources did not correspond to the manufacturer’s demands of Bocci and thus, own Xenon or LED lamps were designed which provide a longer durability and lower failure rates.

In addition to the special quality and manual production, the lamp creates a special glowing light. Therefore, the light is refracted in the bubbles and interacts with the imperfections in the glass. Please also have a look at the unique compositions of the 14 or 28 series or the wonderful 21 series, which is made of ceramic.

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Bocci - Canadian masterpieces

Canadian manufacturer Bocci was founded in 2005 by Omar Abel, who continues to be creative director of the company. Bocci’s lights have the most distinctive design language and unique naming: Omar Abels pendant lights are names chronologically with numbers.

His first published work 14 was also the first light by Bocci. Previous drafts of lamps did not make to marketability, and also some later creations did not live up to the high standard they set themselves.

The production is carried out in an on-site glass blowing. Self-developed xenon bulbs were used initially. Today, also LED pendant lamps are available.

In addition to the “14”, that won the Red Dot Design Award, also the high quality porcelain light 21 and the 28 belong to the most popular lamps by Bocci. The latter is made of wafer-thin glass and equipped with colored inner satellites. LightingDeluxe offers these suspension lamps in various designs.

The typical form is not only appealing to lovers of classic design; also the clientele that emphasizes on modern design is happy with Bocci lights.

Bocci often participates in large, public installations, which allow the company to carry their particular corporate structures and their collective ideas outwards. In 2013, the entrance to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London was festooned with 230 glass commuting of the 28 series. This impressive installation lasted for about 30 meters, leaving viewers back in amazement. The Canadian Embassy in London has been enriched by one of Boccis installations. With 157 commuting of the 57 series, the staircase has been transformed into an inimitable sight.

Art projects by Omer Abel were received equally positively by audiences and critics. 2015 Abel was honored with the Medal of the Royal Institute of Architecture. This is one of the highest honors in Canada.

In one of the largest trade fairs for lighting and lamps, Euroluce, which is organized every two years in Italy, Bocci, special recognition was given to the first race in 2013. Also in 2015 they were at the show, where they also celebrated their 10th anniversary, and they were one of the crowd pullers.

Through a branch in Berlin - Charlottenburg  Bocci opens the European market even further since 2015. With a fully equipped glassblowing it is produced outside of Canada in Germany for the very first time.

Bocci designs and manufactures sophisticated artistic lights in conscientious manual work. Each piece is unique. The excellent quality and unique design makes this luminaire internationally, primarily in Europe, becoming increasingly popular.

In the current Light Journal you will find the latest series from renowned manufacturers, the latest trends and inspiration for every room - from the classic look to the modern living room.